Product Labels and Your Options

Labels are an especially important aspect of your product which gives you the ability to create your brand’s awareness. You can also use the labels of your products to communicate instructions for use or give warnings if needed. Your product and its use may determine how challenging or simple your personal care product labels needs may be.

Your label options

custom designSo, you have a product or products to market with and need labels. What are your options for getting the labels for that product? You can have your labels created in house or you can settle for off-the-shelf labels. Or, there is also the choice of having custom labels created specially for your product to make it stand out from the competition. We will look at custom labeling and how it can be used to promote both your product and brand.

You may need labels which may be exposed to and will be required to withstand extreme conditions such as high temperatures, or be exposed to harsh chemicals, submerged in saltwater, or other harsh conditions. The exposure your product labels will be subjected to, will determine the type of label and the customization you will need for your special product labels.

  1. Labels for harsh environments are usually customized to withstand those conditions while gaining your customers attention without failure throughout your product’s life. Special label materials, inks, adhesives, and protective coating may be used to ensure your labels stay readable and in place, to serve their purpose even in harsh conditions.
  2. Custom labels with custom coatings can withstand chemicals, high temperatures, UV exposure, and other conditions. Other customers feature you may need can include things like security features to the use of thermo chromatic ink to ultra-clear labels among others.
  3. Using Custom labels will also give you the freedom to choose the size, shape and look of labels you need for your product.
  4. There is also several, technologies available for printing of custom labels. These include methods such as state-of-the-art digital printing to the use of many flexographic printing presses, to create your colorful, custom printed labels. Your custom labels can also be printed from your own created artwork on a broad selection of materials.

There are generally, four main reasons to use custom product labels for your products.

  1. First, custom labels are, as the name suggests, are highly customized. This means that your labels are prepared and printed the way you want them.
  2. The second is you want to determine the quality of your product label. With custom labels you can determine if you want a high-quality label or a quality to suit the product you are marketing.
  3. Then, you will also want a label that is the right fit for the packaging of your product, you will need labels that fits your purpose and your product’s purpose.
  4. The other reason you would have for using custom labels is that you can have your labels produced hassle-free. Having decided on your needs and purpose for your labels, you can clearly guide the production of your labels.