Meet the Board


Nicole Massari-Marketing Consultant
FOX 66 and |

Nicole is a marketing consultant by day, but on the weekends spends her time rummaging through junk at thrift stores and upcycling.  If she were a MADMEN character, she would be Peggy Olson, who started out not having any clue what she was doing, and accidentally figured out she was a natural creative.  If Nicole could eat any one food for the rest of her life without getting sick of it, she says she’d go with mint chocolate chip ice cream, or burritos, but definitely not mixed together.  Nicole’s most memorable moments with the Erie Ad Club include Barry Dain Steinhagen’s speech at the 2014 Addy Awards, and going to Vegas in 2015 for nationals.

 Vice President

Erie Ad Club - Jenny Sholtis
Jenny Sholtis, Digital Sales Specialist
CyberInk |

If Jenny had a super power it would be reading people’s minds. (She swears she’s good at it!) She’s probably out practicing it while she’s out and about trying out new food places in and around Erie. Jenny has been on the board for almost 5 years now and is proud to say she is a part of the AAF. Her most memorable moment is still when Jeff McCullor asked her to join the club, took her to a room full of people she had never met before, introduced her and took off. Thank goodness they were a welcoming group!


Renee Holland, Marketing Consultant
Fox 66 and |

Renee’s least favorite day of the week is Monday, and we’re totally in agreement with her on that one.  When asked if she prefers paper or plastic, she says she prefers paper.  Renee is new to the ad club and is excited to be on board this year.  She has been broken in well with our weird interview questions.  Her favorite thing to do in Erie is relax and visit Presque Isle.


David 2David Hugar, Local Sales Manager
Connoisseur Media |

If David were a Madmen character, he would be Roger Sterling, who enjoys his work but likes to crack jokes and is quick on his feet with solutions to problems that come up throughout the day.  When he’s not working, David likes to play golf in the summer, and snowboard in the winter.  His most memorable Erie Ad Club moment was seeing Barry Dain Steinhagen dressed as a zombie for the 2015 “Working Dead” Addy Awards.


Immediate Past President

Greg Coleman photo

Greg Coleman, President
Erie Seawolves Baseball|

It was very easy for Greg to describe his job to a five year old.  He gets to hang out with the beloved Erie Seawolves mascot, C-Wolf.  When he’s not hanging out with people in costume, he enjoys playing guitar and reading.  His most memorable moment with the Erie Ad Club was seeing Barry Dain Steinhagen dressed as a zombie, and his super power is identifying fonts

Sponsorship Chair

Mike Estrich, Business Analyst, Paradigm Shifter, Market Research Analyst, and Sales Management Consultant
Decision Associates|

If Mike were to try and describe his job to a five year old, he would say that he’s a business man who helps other business people. His least favorite day of the week is Thursday, he considers it a tease before the weekend, and says people are always planning fun events for Thursday night, making work on Friday morning a drag.  Mike’s favorite ad club moment was bringing in a speaker from Google.  When asked what his super power is, Estrich leaves us with a quote.  “A genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist.” – Tony Stark, a.k.a. Ironman.

Membership Chair

Matt 1

Matt Wilson, Account Executive
McCarty Printing |

Matt’s most memorable ad club moment was the 2014 Ugly Sweater Christmas party, and we have the pictures to prove it!  He says that his super power is lifting cars, which we do not have photos to prove.  When Matt isn’t lifting sweaters or wearing ugly cars (wait, we messed that one up), he enjoys playing volleyball at the beach and going to concerts.  When asked to describe his job to a five year old, Wilson simply states “I sell paper to important people.”

Awards Chair

Colleen Stubbs, Creative Director
Altman-Hall Advertising |

If Colleen had to describe her job to a kid, she says she’d tell them that she creates pretty pictures all day.  When she isn’t working, she likes to make jewelry and babysit her brand new granddaughter.  She identifies with Joan Harris in Madmen, because red heads stick together.  Colleen’s most memorable ad club moment was receiving the Patricia Martin Crystal Prism Award, as well as receiving the George Mead award.  Colleen says her super power is getting things done (and well) in a remarkable amount of time.  We’ve seen it. It’s true.


Creative Chair

James Bender, Commercial Producer
JET 24, FOX 66, and |

Bender would tell a little kid that his job is to make the commercials that interrupt their favorite TV shows, so their parents know what to buy them.  When he isn’t working, he likes riding his motorcycle, reading, and expanding his consciousness.  If Bender were a Madmen character, he says he’d be Stan Rizzo, an antiestablishment creative at heart who works for the man, but desperately wants to be free of him.  His most memorable ad club moment is accepting an Addy Award for a co-worker, and dropping it 3 times in 20 minutes, without actually breaking it.

Communications Chair

Webimage1Sara Lintz, Account Executive
Starn Marketing Group |

Sara says if she could be any Madmen character, she’d be Joan Holloway, who’s fashion is always on point, but more importantly, Joanie started her career as a secretary and worked her way up to making partner.  When we asked Sara to describe her job to a five year old, she said she gets to turn ideas into fun projects and campaigns, and meets a lot of great people along the way.  If Sara could only eat one food for the rest of her life, she chooses pizza, and when asked if she prefers paper or plastic, she answered, “Plastic – I always have my credit card with me. You never know when you’ll stumble across a sale.”

Board Advisor

John Buchna, Chief Executive Officer
Erie Downtown Partnership |

John says there are far too many good memories to choose just one favorite experience during his time with the Erie Ad Club.  John served on the board for many years!  If he were to describe his day job to a little kid, he tells us that he works with a lot of people to help make downtown Erie a better place.  When he isn’t working, John enjoys spending time with his family, and he tells us that his super power is making beer disappear.

Board Advisor

Mike Arnold, VP of Sales
McCarty Printing |